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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint

After 3 years we have conformed to getting a King Bed. Lets be honest even though we do not want or let Isaac sleep in our bed when he is sick or when desperate times call for desperate measures its going to happen so we might as well all be comfortable! I bought this King bed frame for $20 and we then got to pick out our FIRST brand new mattress and that was glorious! We decided to paint the bed and I got excited when I discovered Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. It is 100% natural, no VOC's and its a color that you can paint on like a stain or a paint. I'm a big fan.



Before & After

It's easy to forget the way things used to look, so I'm grateful for projects that are "complete" (these are rare around here) so I can compare the photos. 1.5 years later our kitchen is complete and just in time for us to host 13 members of my family for Thanksgiving. Deadlines have a lot of power around here!


The wall is gone....After

Our house is Blue

We still need to add white trim around the garage and the can see one test piece under that first window. But the weather is too cold to paint so it will have to wait for the spring :) 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

kitchen/living room additions

A few weeks ago Peter installed our under cabinet lighting. We love it and what a difference lighting can make! Last weekend I got the itch to start some spring cleaning. The big thing around here is selling stuff you don't want on community facebook pages and a page called 425 mom shop n swap. So I thought, hey there is some stuff I want to get rid of that has some value. So I started posted away... people were buying it within minutes and once the cash was in my hand, I was hooked. What could I sell next, how much could I make? So in one weekend I had raked in $200 and finally felt like I could make the leap and buy the bar stools I had wanted since we remodeled the kitchen and the ladder shelf we wanted to finally complete our living room. It's all starting to come together and I love the pops of color in my very "WHITE" decor/house/kitchen. Let me know what you think!

valentine's exchange

This year at school Isaac got to participate in his first Valentine's exchange. OK but let's face it I was way more excited about this as he was but that's the norm around here! Isaac did help make his cards but I enjoyed doing most of the work one one snowy Sunday. We used a toilet paper roll for the heart and a potato to cut out another heart shape. In school Isaac did enjoy putting his cards in his classmates Valentines bag but of course the treats he received were his favorite part. Peter and I didn't really celebrate Valentine's out since we had celebrated my birthday two days prior. But I did wake up to flowers from Peter and I ordered him a special Valentine's box made in Woodinville of amazing marshmallows, chocolate cookies, salted caramels, and raspberry cheesecake in a jar. The best part was the box was hand delivered by the baker herself to my doorstep! Overall we had a great Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

valentine's day

I used to despise Valentine's day as a teenager and young adult as the holiday seemed super cheesy. Once I got married I started to understand the holiday more but as it's two days after my birthday I always felt bad that Peter was on "double duty" which he is! So once we had Isaac, the holiday became more about the love we have for each other in our new role as parents as well as husband and wife. I also am trying to model this love for Isaac so he can start showing his appreciation for his Grandparents in his life. We don't have any family traditions as of yet but Juniper and Isaac and I started a couple weeks ago by making this banner. I'm so grateful for the gift of being a mother and this past year through many challenges I have become more grateful of the blessing of Isaac everyday. Isaac is at such an amazing age where he shows Peter and I so much love and our bond with him is so amazing. Both Peter and I are so grateful of the love we have from our parents and extended family. Keep posted for more of what we come up with in the next few weeks to show our love!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the honest company

I came across this brand when I was at Costco and they were selling their body/wash shampoo, which I bought and we absolutely love. They are a 100% chemical free line of baby/kid items and cleaning products. I went on their website and got a free trial of everything I could try. Of course I loved it all but had a hard time justifying the cost. My sister-in-law ordered a few cleaning products from them so I got a $25 credit. Then they sent me an email that if I buy a diaper/wipes bundle I get a whole month's worth of diapers and wipes for free, I was sold! So the box came in the mail and of course they are adorable and work really well. I haven't decided if this financially makes sense compared to Costco but for these two months it will be pretty fun! The body wash/shampoo smells amazing and works great as face wash and bubble bath for Isaac. I love that chemical free things for babies and kids are becoming more popular as this is very important to me, now I just hope with this popularity things can become more affordable! If this sounds interesting check out their link: The Honest Company

Wednesday, January 15, 2014